Devils Madwoman "Maddie"

Maddie's registered name couldn't be any further removed from her personality.  She is a sweet, sweet mare who was raced hard for seven years and went through the claiming circuit several times after winning over $170,000 for her various owners and subsequently being left to starve.  Her race record is so long it has an extra page stapled to her JC papers.  Maddie has had a few foals that we know of.  She was abandoned on a dry lot near Lafayette in 2012 and it took us an entire year to get her back to a good weight.  Maddie can hold her own in the pasture now, although she was very timid for a long time.  We feel she has mostly recovered psychologically from her hard life although she does go back to cribbing if something in her routine changes.  She had quit cribbing for six months before we moved her to a new pasture with the influx of 38 new rescues from Ryder Farms.  She now lives with another older mare and three yearlings.  We have not ridden her yet in the program, as she just reached ideal weight, but we have done ground work and she has a beautiful trot. Her photos show her when she was transferred to the Forest Hill foster farm after being in foster care for some time.  Click through her photo album to see how she has progressed.