We want to express our sincere gratitude to our sponsors and other donors.  Without you, we could not continue the work we do to rescue and rehabilitate these wonderful horses.

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Sponsorship Options
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You do not need a PayPal account  to complete your sponsorship commitment. Use any major credit card or your debit card as a payment method. Upon checkout, your card will be charged for the initial monthly installment. 11 monthly installments will then occur on the billing date you chose. Immediately after checkout you will receive a confirmation email. You can then look forward to receiving a photograph of the horse you are providing for, and regular email updates on his or her progress. You are welcome to schedule a visit with your horse. Each horse’s location is published with his or her profile.
Sponsorship Options
Specify horse
Why Sponsorship?

Typically rescues and shelters must make tough decisions about aged or injured animals. An aged or injured animal will require resources that could otherwise be used to save multiple young, healthy animals. LHRA feels that if a horse is pasture sound (able to survive comfortably in a pastured herd) it deserves a chance at life. Similarly, if the horse will be a healthy sound prospect after rehabilitation and/or surgery, LHRA would like to give the horse a chance. To give these horses hope, we need funds to feed and care for them and to provide surgeries or procedures needed to make them healthy. Our solution is to partner with individuals and businesses who care about horses through sponsorship.



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Sponsors the care of one particular horse at $500.00/month for 12 months Annual Commitment Great for Organizations.


Sponsors training/rehab/medical expenses for a particular horse at $250.00/month or partially sponsors the care of the horse for 12 months.  Sponsor determines whether funds go to  care or training/medical. Annual commitment.


Partially supports a particular horse’s care for 12 months. Sponsor can choose the monthly commitment amount in any denomination. Annual commitment.


​Available in any amount with accompanying card to the recipient of your choice.  *You will be able to enter message and instructions once you log into PayPal.